What Clients Say

What client says

Avik has worked closely with “on the ground” BP teams in India, South Africa and Vietnam over the last 3 years in developing solutions and business models for the emerging consumers. He has demonstrated business acumen from both the strategic and operational point of view. Avik has been an asset to the teams in developing practical and concrete steps towards building the business case and leading the project management element of the different activities. His hands on and pragmatic approach, his ability to work and stimulate diverse international teams have been of great help to me and the BP business. Roberto Bocca Director, Emerging Consumers Markets Business, BP London

Re-emerging World has been referred to us by a lead global NGO as a potential strong partner in India for developing our projects in responsible sourcing. Accordingly, we have engaged Avik and his team from Re-emerging World’s to work on sustainable sourcing of Jasmine grandiflorum value chain. This implied in depth analysis of Socio-Economic Conditions and Farm Practices of smallholders in Tamil Nadu, on a large number of farms, and with a detailed questionnaire. All steps of the process were perfectly executed, from the strategic thinking at the start of the survey, the deep dive intothe questionnaires, the execution of the survey and the restitution of results. It’s an easy-to-work on partner, very responsive, with ability to understand the expectations of multinational companies. The result restitution is was perfectly clear and could help us leverage best this project for business and sustainability purposes. We were actually hesitant to provide this recommendation as we would like to keep Avik team available to work for us !



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